Strike update…

Well, it looks like a pretty good general strike. Not a great strike. We’ve had better ones. December 10th was bigger, but this one’s bigger than April 9th. Most shops shut in the east side, about half I’d say in the west side, varying numbers in the rest of the country. Far from unanimous, but pretty good.

Of course, neither side is sane enough to put it that way. As far as CTV is concerned, almost no one went to work today. Which is silly. “Exito total!” they say. Ummm….uhh…no. But the government’s line is, as per usual, even stupider. There was no stoppage, was the Labor Minister’s line. Just idiotic.

Basically, the streets look like it’s a Sunday. Most stuff is shut, some stuff is open, and the hysterical political rhetoric or one side or the other is just…well…a sign of the times.