Anglophone escuálido bloggers of the world, unite!

…you have only your crappy low hit-counts to lose…

My friend Tony Guzmán Blanco brought two new sources for news and views on the telenovela that is life under Chávez to my attention recently. They seem pretty good. Better yet, they’re in English. is a pretty thorough, though openly partisan (who isn’t, these days?) website run by some folks in the UK, I think. Good collection of stories pulled from reputable English-language news outlets, from The Economist to CNN and the BBC…fun pictures of Chávez sucking up to Saddam Hussein.

The Devil’s Excrement is a blog written, it looks like, by a Venezuelan expat in the US. It’s more focused on news and latest events, but seems like a pretty good source for that.

I’m adding them both to my list of English links on the page-template, so you can always find them.

Did I mention they’re both in English?