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Resist and repair

by Luis Salamanca

We must repair and resist. If our resistance pushes them to correct the “planas” matter, perfect. If it doesn’t, we must repair, and turn the reparo process into a reparazo, a big social and political movement. Not doing it would be to abandon the spaces of power, which chavismo will be delighted to take over. Even if they cheat, we must repair so that the material and political evidence may be established. We must exhaust the democratic and legal route, what little is left of it, that is our way of acting. At the same time, if we managed 3.4 million signatures in four days, we can reaffirm our signatures because there are fewer.

The CD should discuss this, because the decision not to go to repairs, as a strategy of handing off all institutions entirely to chavismo, would be a great mistake. We have to put them in the situation of having to announce to the world that the repairs are also invalid. I want to see the faces of Carrasquero, Rodriguez and Battaglini telling people they’ve flunked. From that moment on, the situation will be entirely clear: a government that can only stay in power through electoral fraud and force, the two Fs.