Adopt a lie!

As you know, the Top 100 Government Lies have been collected, but the project is not finished. I want to document as many of them as possible. But I need help! I just don’t have the time to track down dates, quotes, and details for all 100 items.

What I need is help from you, gentle reader. Have ten minutes to spare? Select a lie, Google it, run it through the search engine, do what it takes to find the details surrounding it. Pick lies dealing with subjects you’re especially familiar with. Miguel, help me document the Intevep lies, Tuti, help me with the education policy lies. Just send me an email with the number of the lie you want to help me document, then dig up the information and email that to me as well.

The idea is to eventually turn the list into a nicely produced, high-impact printed brochure – some collaborative agit-prop, if you will. I can’t do it alone, though, so do give me a hand! The internet opens up great possibilities for collaboration of this kind – together we can do stuff I alone just can’t. So join in, adopt a lie today!

(ps: Mora, please let me know which specific lies you’re willing to work on.)