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You know I have been in command for 20 years. From that experience, I’ve reached few certain conclusions:

1-that America is ingovernable for us, 2-that he who serves a revolution plows in the sea, 3-that the only thing worth doing in America is to emigrate, 4-That this country will fall inexorably into the hands of the unbridled mob to then turn to nearly imperceptible two-bit tirants of all colors and races. 5-that devoured by all the crimes and deadened by our ferocity, the Europeans shall not again deign to conquer us.

6- If it was posible for one part of the world to return to primitive chaos, that would be this latest period in the Americas. The first French Revolution led to the beheading of the Caribbean, and the second shall have the same effect on this vast continent. The sudden reaction of exagerated ideologies will bring us what few problems we’ve been missing. You shall see that everyone will give in to the torrent of demagoguery. Damned be the people! Damned be the governments!

Recognize the quote? No, it’s not Cardinale…

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