Strange experience

I had a chat yesterday with Sandra La Fuente, the woman who co-wrote El Acertijo de Abril, the book on the events of April 11-14th. I asked her to fact check The April Crisis Revisited – I’ll include her corrections this weekend. As she went through the description of the shootings on April 11th (her specialist area) she suddenly got peeved:

“No, no, no, the shooting started a good few minutes before the cadena.”

I knew that couldn’t be so.

“But that’s impossible,” I said, “I was on Avenida Baralt just before the Cadena, and I didn’t see any wounded.”

“You don’t understand,” she replied, “at the start, with all the sounds of firecrackers and rubber pellets, people weren’t immediately aware that live bullets were being fired. There wasn’t mass panic right away – many people who were shot thought at first they’d been hit by pellets, or by a rock. I have a dozen witnesses who say it is so.”

I was stunned.

“But, but, but…but that means Megan and I were in the line of fire and didn’t even realize it.”

“You wouldn’t be the only ones…”

Man…I can’t believe it took me 2 years to figure this out…