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Just when you thought the reparos stink-up couldn’t get any weirder, comes this…

Opposition negotiator at CNE Alberto Quirós Corradi says “the draft reparo regulations presented to us last night have nothing to do with anything we have been discussing with CNE, we’re really confused here.” Quirós Corradi says if the draft presented yesterday is approved by CNE, “we will say goodbye and reject the reparos.”

Meanwhile Felipe Mujica, the other opposition negotiator, says “the document not only makes it impossible to go to reparos, in fact, it’s an open provocation against any possible democratic outcome the country might build.”

I think Alek Boyd once described this sort of thing as “the government’s chaos and mayhem strategy.” It’s just plain twisted: these guys negotiate for three months, then they turn around at the very last minute and announce an “agreement” that actually runs directly counter to everything they’d agreed with the opposition so far.

Chavez nos tiene locos…sin vaina…

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