The Nadir of the Ni-Nis...

Datanalisis says…

…polarization is increasing in Venezuela, with the ni-ni (apolitical) camp dwindling to just 30% of registered voters, the lowest it’s been in years.

Datanalisis now figures the breakdown is like this:

Opposition – 37%

Ni-Ni – 30%

Pro-government – 28%.

No answer – 5%

They also estimate that 77% of the electorate would turn out for a referendum, but they do so using the stupidest methodology in the book: by asking people directly whether they plan to vote. This, as everyone knows, is badly misleading, since people are often embarrassed to tell pollsters the truth if they don’t really plan to vote. So, one big demerit point for Datanalisis on this score.

Still, if 37% of the electorate can be relied on to turn out to recall Chavez, that’s 4.4 million votes. Plenty…more than enough…