Mixed signals

It’s too confusing trying to read the decision process inside the government, there are too many mixed signals. Perhaps the debate inside Chavismo is swinging back against allowing a referendum. The police raids at CNE last night and the on-going novela with the Signators From The Other Side of The Grave all point that way, as do many of the caveats in government statements. Today, there is violence by chavista gangs reported at several locations in Caracas, including an assault against the opposition-controlled Greater Caracas City Hall where sub-machine guns were reportedly used to shoot up the building.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela is still sounding dovish, preparing its audience for a referendum, but VTV has reverted to Taliban form.

Chavez will speak to the nation in a little under three hours. At a public rally in front of his supporters. It’s not the kind of platform one chooses to make retractions or concessions…is it?

One thing’s for sure: the boss will set the line, and his underlings will follow it…

More soon.