From NarcoNews: See what the "Illuminated left" does...

por Al Giordano…

“When it comes to ex-New York Timesman Francisco Toro (remember his exit as a Times correspondent because of his conflicts-of-interest as an activist for the “opposition” in Venezuela?), watch what he does, not what he says.

Toro, who has been among the bloggers who have claimed they want a referendum in Venezuela, apparently got what he wanted, now that Venezuela goes to the polls on August 15th.

So, it would follow that with just two months left in the campaign, Toro would be working hard for the victory that he always claims is in sight.



No sooner did Toro and his troops “win” the establishment of the referendum that they say they wanted (but really did not), then he’s leaving on a “camping trip” …to Europe!

Toro writes to his blog buddies:

“I am preparing to leave town on a camping trip to Slovenia and Italy. (Rough life, I know!)

Now, there is a man really committed to his cause, eh?

Do you think that Toro knows what he won’t admit to his readers? That rolling up his sleeves and campaigning – like he urges his readers to do – is useless because the “opposition” is a minority in Venezuela and he knows damn well it is.

I mean, if the referendum were really winnable by his side, don’t you think he would stand and fight?

No. Instead he sends the gullible into battle, while he goes off on a camping trip… in Italy…

(Gee. I didn’t realize that operating an opposition blog in English could bring such perques and leisure opportunities! Where does the money for his Italian camping trip come from anyway?)

Sigh. And they take such indignant exception when Chavez and others call them “the squalid ones.”

Captain Toro of the Titanic sees the iceberg ahead and, rather than be honest with his sailors about the need to reverse course, has commandeered himself a lifeboat, sailed off to the Mediterranean, and waved “hasta la vista, suckers” to the troops he leaves to fight his battles for him.

Watch what they do. Not what they say.

Narco News, on the other hand, will be covering the historic August 15th vote live from Caracas”.

por Al Giordano (link to this beautiful piece of “information” was provided by J. R. Mora…)

(By the way, you CC bloggers, Quico WILL be here for the RR, so get your facts right! A little attention to the comments section will do, but then, yes, you only want your side. This stinks of people like Eva “Golilla” Golinger and the likes of her.)