Some tips for him

Would you tell the prez to do the following?

— Learn ways to tolerate emotional distress. Distress usually rises to a peak quickly when you’re hurt or upset, but if you tolerate the distress and do absolutely nothing about it, the pain will gradually diminish. Practice making no other response to emotional distress than to just tolerate it.

— Learn to fail. In other words, practice every day doing the things you find most difficult. Often the things we view as stupid are the things we find most difficult, so practice those things too. Learning that you can fail and survive is important.

— Play games with people who are better than you, so you can learn how to lose without severe distress.

— Identify the ways you put other people down. Ask other people to help you do this since it’s often easier for other people to see your behavior more clearly than for you to see your own. Once you know exactly how you put other people down, stop doing it.

Well those are recommendations to control Narcissistic Personality Disorder that I found here.

Just to add something to previous lines posted by the owner of this site.