"The Opposition will apply Diabolical Plan to Interrupt the Referendum"

From Venpres, La Agencia de Noticia de Todos los Venezolanos

Caracas, 19 Jul. Venpres (Xavier de la Rosa).- MVR Assemblymember Willian Lara assured on Monday that the opposition has a diabolical plan to interrupt the recall referendum on August 15th to sabotage the process.

He said that parts of the opposition, conscious that they don’t have the popular support to mobilize more than 2.6 million voters, will boicott the referendum in the afternoon.

“We have information that they are training voters and witnesses to walk up to the machines, after 10:00 a.m., and spill water, coffee or soft drinks on them, or bump into them so they’ll fall to the ground and break,” he warned…

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Folks, the hardcore paranoia phase of chavismo is now in full-swing. These guys see trotskyite plots everywhere, and the standard of common sense has long ago ceased to be applied to the accusations they make. Sick, man, they’re sick.