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Tips for Effective Online Communication

Online etiquette is often referred to as “netiquette”.

Remember: You are communicating with real people, not machines.

  • Use the same courtesy as you would extend someone you are having a phone conversation with.
  • Don not entice a flame and don?t participate in flamefests. Flaming occurs when you send a message that provokes an angry, and often nasty, response. When others join in, a full-fledged flamefest ensues.
  • Use the same rules regarding good grammar, punctuation and word choice as you would for any written communication.
  • Don not type your message in all capital letters. the are hard to read. This is known as SHOUTING and may provoke flaming.
  • Use the subject line to give recipients an idea of the message?s contents.
  • Don not use vulgar language or make sexist comments.