Nothing left to write...

Today, there’s nothing left to write. If political speculation was an export commodity, Venezuela would be Kuwait. Every possible spin has been put on every possible snippet of information. Writing is useless today. Waiting is all we can do.

How can you shake off the explosive cocktail of anxiety and trepidation you’re feeling today?

1-Get cooking. Lines tomorrow will be long. Very long. People may hold out for a few hours, then poop out as they start to get hungry. Bring some food for yourself. Bring some food for your line-mates. Arroz con pollo is a good option, as is a big pasta salad. Or just make a thermos full of coffee and bring some plastic cups. Make a personal connection with the other “si” voters in line so they feel bad about going home even if the line lasts 10 hours.

2-Get calling. Phone a Ni-Ni Today. Give it one last try. Call anyone you know who is minded to vote “si” but is apathetic and may stay home. Offer them a ride.

3-Get calm. Get ready mentally to be civil to the “no” voters you meet in line tomorrow. Even friendly.

4-Get grateful. Read the international page of the newspaper. Realize how much worse off people in Nayaf are compared even to our worst case scenario. Feel fortunate.

5-Get stoned. Camomille tea. Flores de Bach. Valeriana. Paciflorum. Nerv-o-calm. Lexotanil. Whatever it takes…