December 5th Chronicles

It’s almost certain that the Opposition parties will get taken to the cleaners in the Dec. 4th parliamentary elections. The question is, what are their leaders going to say on Dec. 5th?

They could fall back on their old standby and allege fraud – but imagine how powerless and ridiculous that would sound. For one thing, it’s too obvious they don’t have the support to win an election right now. For another, they knew full well the kind of CNE they were accepting when they agreed to go to elections – they spent the last year and a half rubbishing it!

So that’s not a great option. Alternatively, they could blame the loss on low turnout, pointing the finger the rabble-rousing Art. 350-invoking abstentionist crowd. Tempting, but that would only add fuel to the fire of the near civil-war between Opposition electoralists and abstentionists.

Two bad options so far. So, what’s left? Well, Venezuela is the Land of the Possible, so they might just tuck their tail between their legs and congratulate MVR on its win.

How do you think this will go?

On December 5th, Opposition party leaders will…

Allege fraud
Blame the abstentionists
Congratulate MVR for its win

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