Pieces of the Puzzle

Translated from Tamoa’s piece…

Police Officers
“Still up there”
Two witnesses, a man and a woman, students at the Iupolc Police Academy, were walking towards the metro after class when they heard two police motorcycle agents on the radio saying: “the yellow SUV is still up there.” That was the color of the Toyota Anderson was using.

Disip Operation
They let him through
At the start of Las Ciencias avenue in Los Chaguaramos there was a mobile Disip checkpoint on the night of the murder. One witness described how he was not allowed to use that street on the night of the murder, but Anderson’s SUV, which was behind him, was let through.

Sócrates Tiniacos
The Money Trail
In the disputed official interview reports, he explained how they took the money from Danilo;s safe on the evening of his death, one hour after the explosion, when the body was still in its SUV. They took it to Coche and he got it back a few days later. He said he had been present when money changed hands. Later he denied everything and was backed by the Prosecutor General, “I haven’t seen a single bill.” His claims of torture have not been investigated either.

Ángel Farías
Danilo’s assistant is described in the interview reports as a witness of the money handovers of his boss with the lawyers that were allegedly paying him off. He died in a car accident on July 1st, 2005.

Julio Farías
Danilo’s Brother in law and roommate. On the night of the bombing, he carried money, weapons and bullets taken from Danilo’s safe, which he knew the combination to. Revealed in the interview reports the money’s provenance and why Danilo hid it at home. Isaías Rodríguez has announced that he has “disappeared.”

Elianitza Farías
The girlfriend
She had lived for nine years with Danilo Anderson in a Valle Abajo apartment. On the night of the explosion she ran off to Coche and was never heard from again. She had also testified to the Fiscalia about money inside a black suitcase that belonged to her partner.

Oliver Naveda
Assistant prosecutor
Worked with Anderson and shared his last meal on November 18th. According to the leaked interview reports he had received the Bs.10 million that Anderson promised his friends “so they would have a nice christmas. Has not been investigated.