Our friends in Tehran...

Why am I horrified about Venezuela’s growing ties with Iran? Ask the French:

France Says Iran’s Atomic Program Is a Military Cover
PARIS (AP) — France’s foreign minister said Thursday that Iran’s nuclear program was a cover for clandestine military activity, in an unusually direct attack on Tehran for a European diplomat.

”No civilian nuclear program can explain the Iranian nuclear program. It is a clandestine military nuclear program,” Douste-Blazy said on France-2 television. ”The international community has sent a very firm message in telling the Iranians to return to reason and suspend all nuclear activity and the enrichment and conversion of uranium, but they aren’t listening to us.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported Iran to the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 4 over suspicions about its nuclear activities. France, Britain and Germany have led European negotiations that have failed to persuade Iran to suspend parts of its nuclear program.

”Now it’s up to the Security Council to say what it will do, what means it will use to stop, to manage, to halt this terrible crisis of nuclear proliferation caused by Iran,” Douste-Blazy said.

Watch Hugo start calling Chirac Monsieur Danger…