Rosales, in his own words

Katy says: Excerpts from Manuel Rosales’ press conference today.

On his signing the Carmona decree: “It was a moment of confusion that stemmed from Chavez’s resignation, which he later denied having made. I was in Zulia and I recieved a call asking me to come to Caracas urgently. I went to an event and I signed in attendance… Yes, I made a mistake, I acknowledge that, but it was made in good faith. Unlike Chávez, I did not plan it, I did not spend years plotting a coup that caused many deaths.”

On the current administration: “This is a lawless government, that does not respect human rights, freedom or private property.”

On his attitude toward chavistas: “If elected, I will do my best to make sure the rights of those currently in power are respected fully.”

On the National Assembly: “I will promote new elections to the National Assembly.”

Globovisión has filed a report here.