Crikey! An update from Quico

Katy says: I regret to inform you that it will be another full week before Quico is back blogging regularly. I spoke to him today and he told me he is in the middle of moving and going to a conference, so his Internet access will be scarce and his ability to post even scarcer.

So all you faithful readers will be stuck reading this friendly ghost-blogger’s usual rants and accounts. I apologize for being MIA in recent days as well, but all antihistaminically-challenged members in my family (which pretty much means everyone) have a bug, possibly related to the welcome yet unexpected arrival of the austral Spring. So in between nursing and a heavy workload, I have not found time to post something of interest.

I promise to address something more substantial tomorrow, perhaps something about Chávez’s intentions of staying in power indefinitely, the government’s continued harrassment of the media, soaring crime rates or the government’s “projects” with foreign countries.

The only thing that really moved me today was the untimely death of Steve Irwin. As Billy Joel famously said, only the good die young. Perhaps our regular comments poster Jacques Cousteau can put his death into perspective for us. After all, Irwin died after a sting-ray pierced his heart with its tail while filming a documentary with Phillipe Cousteau, so this is right up his alley.