Hinterlaces: Chávez 48% - Rosales 30%

Hinterlaces, the polling firm run by Caracas political oracle Oscar Schemel, has just released its beginning of September poll, showing Chávez falling below 50% for the first time, Rosales at 30%, and a large chunk of undecideds (20%.)

As always, given Schemel’s methodology, Hinterlaces identifies a huge chunk of the electorate as “Ni Nis” – politically unalligned people who tend to have mixed feelings about Chávez but are highly critical of the opposition political class. Schemel places the group at a startling 46% of the electorate just 3 months before the vote.

How does Rosales win over this key group? By engineering his own
Sister Souljah moment, to symbolically distance himself from the oppo old guard. Thing is, that’s hard to do when you’ve appointed Sister Souljah to your campaign command…