Plain old bonkers…


This ad is so, so far off the deep end, when someone described it in the comments section I thought it had to be a hoax. In fact, it is a half-page ad in today’s El Nacional.

Aside from the unabashed weirdness of the message, the thing that strikes me is that this is really awful positioning. It’s an ad about what Chavez needs, not about what the voters need. Me, me, me, me, me. Vote for MEEEEEE…

Then there is that odd, pleading tone. That sulking request for more time, coupled with the promise of endless love. There are odd overtones here of the cycle of domestic violence. After abusing his partner, “the batterer is frequently sorry, feeling guilty and willing to try anything to make up. There may be flowers or gifts, dates and romance as in the beginning of the relationship.” He tries to pull the old heartstrings, to rekindle a romance he fears he has badly harmed. Please take me back, he whispers. Whatever I did, I did out of love. I only need more time.

Thing is, some of us remember him in abuse mode only too well…

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