Quico says: Well, the big day is here. The tense wait, the hours and hours of increasingly nervy wondering…it’s an election day tradition.

I’m actually fairly jittery. One part of me desperately wants to believe a last minute upset is possible. Of course, the more rational part of me know the odds against this are very long. But the prospect of six more years…hell, el talibancito que llevamos todos por dentro knows full well what that means.

I’ll be working hard to get you nice chismes as soon as they’re available today. (And don’t be niggardly with stuff you hear – you know my email.) In particular, I’ll be keeping an eye on Descifrado, which is promising to leverage its awesome gossip-mongering powers from 2 p.m.

CNE says we can expect a first official bulletin 3 hours after the last polling stations close, which could mean anything between 7 p.m. and 4 or 5 a.m. tomorrow.