1,241 editors can't all be wrong...

Quico says: According to Google News, wire service stories about the protests in Venezuela this week have been picked up by 1,241 publications around the world. And that’s just in English. This is a story that has pierced through. We’re not just talking about the big metropolitan dailies carrying it, we’re talking dinky little home town papers, things like:

  • The Journal Gazette and Times-Courier, IL
  • The Kindred Times, UT
  • The Anatolian Times, Turkey
  • The Wyoming News, WY
  • The Timaru Herald, New Zealand
  • B92, Serbia
  • The Dunton Springs Evening Post, CO
  • The White Rock Reviewer, SD
  • Mediafax, Romania
  • The Jordan Falls News, IA
  • Leading The Charge, Australia
  • Dateline Alabama, AL
  • Gulf News, UAE
  • The Nelson Mail, New Zealand
  • The Herald News Daily, ND
  • The Akron Farm Report, NE
  • The Ottawa Recorder, Canada
  • The Manawatu Standard, New Zealand
  • OregonLive.com, OR
  • The Benton Crier, IA
  • Brocktown News, NV
  • The Hinesberg Journal, Canada
  • The Howell Times and Transcript, UT
  • The Prescott Herald, AZ

It’s a story that tells itself. Everybody understand shutting down a TV-station.