Quotable quotes

The continuation in authority of the same individual has frequently been the end of democratic governments. Repeated elections are essential in popular systems, because nothing is so dangerous as allowing a single citizen to remain in power for a long time. The people gets used to obeying him, and he gets used to ruling it; whence usurpation and tyranny arise. A proper zeal is the guarantee of republican liberty, and our citizens are more than justified in fearing that the same magistrate, who has already ruled them for a long time, may continue to rule them perpetually.

Simón Bolívar

Anyone who has a different project, a different leader, should leave, here in this party we want people who believe in the leadership of president Hugo Chávez Frías. Brothers, the only option here is called Hugo Chávez Frías and the people, there is no other option here. There will be no revolution in this country if we don’t have Chávez, it’s as simple as that. Nobody guarantees that this constitution will be followed if we don’t have a president like Hugo Chávez and we must organize to defend that proposal.