Poll chart anyone?

Quico says: Datanalisis’ latest poll, carried out between July 28th and August 7th (so, just before the official announcement) asked…

“If there was a referendum next Sunday to change the current constitution, how would you vote?”

In favor – 30%
Don’t know/no answer24%
Depends on the specifics5%

“…and if President Chávez publicly backed the reform of the current constitution, and one of the changes was the indefinite reelection of the president, how would you vote?”

In favor28%
Don’t know/no answer20%

Which brings us to the inevitable Chart.

So far, I’ve only gotten three polls, and all three were carried out before the reform’s details were announced. If you happen to beg, borrow or steal some fresher ones, you know where to send them.

(Documented results only, please, so include a URL or a PowerPoint. I’m not going to post “my aunt heard that my cousin’s uncle’s boss said that Gallup has No on 89%” type stuff…)