CNE 2nd Bulletin: Now it's really, really official

Quico says: With 94% of tallies reporting:

Block A (Proposed by Chávez)
No = 50.65% (4,521,494 votes)
Sí = 49.34% (4,404,626 votes)

Block B (Proposed by the National Assembly)
No=51.01% (4,539,707 votes)
Sí=48,99% (4,360,014 votes)


CNE head Tibisay Lucena called this a “Final Result” and proclaimed the reform officially not approved. But 2,000 tallies accounting for some 200,000 votes (from remote voting centers, and from consulates) still haven’t been counted. Location by location results should be published by Monday.

Now, time to fess up: I have a potty-brain for thinking the final results would be substantially worse for the Sí than the first bulletin suggested. I apologize to CNE, and congratulate them on a job well done.