Everybody Already Knows Everything About the Anderson Case

Quico thinks: Oh, man, I should write something about the Anderson case. It’s getting really, really over the top, this one. I mean, sure, I know, everything else in the newspapers is really, really over the top too, but this one! This one is really, really, really over the top. With a cherry on top.

The conspiracy’s out in the open now. They thought they could cover it up, but it’s gone as pear shape as pear shape could go. And it’s not a joke, man, it’s no laughing matter. They’ve exiled people over this sham…they’ve put people in jail for it. Hell, they even killed people over this. Over a lie. Over a pack of lies told by a nutsoid liar who everyone knows is a nutsoid liar. And now their defense is…that he’s a liar!

You should definitely write something about this. Yeah, ok, but what, exactly? That Isaías Rodríguez is a gutter rat? Stop the presses! That the Venezuelan legal system is a sham wrapped inside a joke locked into a farce covered up in a circus side show? Ah, the revelation!

It’s just so soul draining, the Anderson case. You want to write about it, but the prospect is so dreary. It’s like excavating a barrel of shit…you can dig all day and all night, but all you’re going to find is more shit. The story is so ridiculously convoluted by now, how do you even begin to explain it to someone who hasn’t been following it?

That’s the thing…you can’t. There’s no 30-second version of the Anderson case. Homer vs. CJ it ain’t. Those two get on 290 newspapers worldwide, but nobody runs with Danilogate, cuz nobody can figure out a way to explain it succinctly. The AP put a single story on the wire about it. Six days ago. Nobody picked it up.

Which is just the way the perps wanted it, I guess.

What’s weird about it is that nothing is really hidden in the Anderson case. Not really. The lies are all out in the open. The guilt of the guilty is 20% more visible now than it was a month ago…but then, it was already 130% visible a month ago, so what have we really added? Confirmation on top of what was already blindingly evident? I guess…

Man, I should really write something about the Anderson case. It’s the kind of case bloggers exist to ferret out. It’s some kind of indictment of my abilities as a blogger that I can’t think of anything fresh to say about it.

But I can’t. I really can’t.

They killed him, they got away with it, that’s it.

Everybody already knows everything about the Anderson case. That’s the thing, man. That’s the thing.