Charm offensive, cash in hand

Quico says: Time was when he’d look genuinely upset that he’d lost his cool and raised his hand against you. He’d show up all sheepish like, flowers in hand, asking for your forgiveness. And he’d seem so, so nice at those times that, well, you couldn’t help but forgive him.

Yes, you knew his faults, but you also knew how sweet he could be, and even as he was hitting you, you were sure that, deep down inside, he loved you.

In the early years, these little charm offensives used to come along every few months…as time goes by, you see them less and less. It’s been ages since the guy wrote you a proper love letter. Almost two years, actually. The act’s worn thin. He knows it, you know it.

These days, schmaltz won’t cut it any more. Oh no. We’re all too cynical for that.

If he wants to get back into your graces, he better put up some cold hard cash up front.

Is that really what your romance has come to? So sad…