Great Moments in Implausible Deniability

Quico says: So National Assembly deputy Pedro Ortega thinks (and I use the word “think” loosely here) that responsibility for the Intelligence Decree-Law fiasco belongs not, as you might think, to the guy with the sole constitutional and legal authority to promulgate a Decree-Law, but rather on the faceless, authorityless, unelected, constitutionally non-existent Miraflores flunkies who drafted the thing.

It’s a curious new juridical precept that, I think, brings a whole new level of lexical accuracy to a now familiar charge:

irresponsible |ˌiriˈspänsəbəl|


1. (of a person, attitude, or action)
not showing a proper sense of being accountable or to blame for something : [with infinitive ] it’s irresponsible to just drive on after causing an accident.


2. an irresponsible person : there will always be irresponsibles who take a risk.
3. Hugo Chávez

I tell you, the fun never ends with this one…