Forget Ingrid - Gladys has been rescued!

Juan Cristobal says: – These past few days we’ve all been enthralled by the story of Ingrid Betancourt and her cinematic rescue. But you don’t have to go as far as Colombia to find heartrending stories of people overcoming enormous odds and finding freedom after nearly all hope had been lost.

Last Monday night, Gladys Aguilar was walking on the side of the road in rural Zulia state when she fell three meters down into an open manhole. She spent three days down there, with broken bones, getting progressively weaker and shouting for help until, miraculously, someone walking by heard her cries for help and rescued her. Now she’s telling her story.

Notice how the manhole was still open when reporters went back with the camera crew. It wouldn’t be Venezuela if it wasn’t.

Ingrid Betancourt was held hostage by the FARC and nearly lost her life. Gladys was held hostage by the inefficiency and corruption of the Venezuelan State, and she almost lost hers.

Let’s see if this prompts Chávez to announce Misión Saknussemm: a massive drive to cover the country’s deathtrap manholes. Don’t hold your breath.