Extra! Extra! Opposition Fails to Shoot Self In Foot!

Quico says: The opposition political class is held in dismally low esteem by most of our readers, but sometimes this has its advantages. For one, it makes it extremely easy to exceed expectations. Any time an oppo politician does something marginally altruistic – or even just not patently self-destructive – we’re thrilled and amazed.

Take this presser by notorious microphone-whore William Ojeda. I almost choked on my corn flakes this morning when I heard the longstanding Petare mayor wannabe (and shortstanding UNT member) would bow out of the race in favor of Primero Justicia’s better-placed Carlos Ocariz.

This is a big deal. Petare is, by some counts, one of the three largest shatytowns in South America. The area shocked everyone by voting 62% “No” in December’s referendum. Getting an oppo mayor elected there, of all places, would make a very strong symbolic statement…one which Ojeda’s decision makes likely.

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles…these sporadic outbreaks of oppo sanity are getting more and more common! What’s next, a coherent message?!