Oops, I did it again

Quico says: Guess what? Turns out yesterday was the last day of Chávez’s powers to legislate by decree and – would you believe it? – today’s gaceta oficial is about the size of a phone book. 26 new laws. No debate. No consultation. No friggin’ idea what’s in there.

It’s probably nothing to worry about…it’s not like it caused any trouble the last time he pulled a stunt like this.

(On the plus side, it was 49 decree-laws in 2001, just 26 today. Chávez is arguably 46.94% less authoritarian than he was.)

Update: I had it wrong. Apparently, today’s gaceta wasn’t all that bulky because, in another kafkaesque twist, the government didn’t actually publish the new decree-laws, just their titles. Which means that, at the moment, the new laws are technically in force, but only the government knows what they say.

My advice? Have a very quiet weekend. Don’t go out. Just don’t do anything. Until these things get published, anything you do may turn out to have been illegal.