Diosdado at Delphi

Quico says: This from my inbox:

I had one of those “Quico moments” when listening to Diosdado on the radio (was it today? probably…). Let me see if I’ve got it straight: Diosdado says that there are no “inamovibles” among the government candidates for 23N. anyone whose campaign fails to take off will be ditched in favour of whoever looks like the favourite.

Let’s leave aside the minor detail that there’s only a week to go before the inscripciones close, so if they’re going to do that, they really should do it pretty soon…

What about the fact that these are the same people who boasted how democratic their primaries were, how el pueblo got to call the shots, how the opposition was so undemocratic and unconstitutional that they relied on POLLS (shock!!) to determine who their candidates would be.

How is Diosdado going to decide whose campaign has taken off, I wonder? Is he going to read entrails? Is he going to consult the Oracle of Delphi? Will he seek divine inspiration? Because I’m positive he’s not going to rely on POLLS to decide who’s in the lead.

Puzzled in Caracas