Qué rayón

Juan Cristobal says: – Don’t miss the latest outburst from chavista congresswoman Desireé Santos Amaral in the front steps of the Mercosur Parliament, where Leopoldo López was about to explain the case of his ban from public office…

I was reminded of my grandmother, who always said that no matter what problems we had in the family, we should “wash dirty rags at home.” How sad that we’ve lost even that, that discussions one would expect to have in a normal democracy have to take place in front of foreign reporters and in international forums because, well, we are no longer a normal democracy.

I can only imagine what those Uruguayans must be thinking… and these are the people we want to admit to Mercosur? Don’t we have enough problems already?

As usual, chavista aggression works against them, as López comes out of this looking like the victim of a political lynching and chavistas come across as fire-breathing hoodlums.