Primero Justicia on the Web


Updatedness: 16 out of 20
Near-daily news updates, but too many links still send you to “Under Construction” pages. Also, the activities page is out of date.

Interaction possibilities: 20 out of 20
The “Inscríbete” link is prominent, and allows you to sign up as a party member or sympathizer quickly and easily. Links to the PJ network on Facebook and to its YouTube channel are prominent, as are chances to help out as a volunteer.

Meaningful positions: 13 out of 20
A Doctrine document is far more metaphysically oriented than the norm, and although it doesn’t explicitly reference it as such, harks back again and again to mainstays of the Catholic Church’s Social Doctrine, emphasizing human dignity and solidarity:

La construcción de la Justicia Social obliga a que la vida social se articule desde
el valor de la solidaridad y el principio de la subsidiariedad para poder atender con
una visión humana la diversidad y pluralidad de nuestra sociedad.

En virtud de la solidaridad, Primero Justicia afirma que todos los ciudadanos y
todos los grupos deben contribuir al bien común de la sociedad. Por otra parte, la
subsidiariedad supone que el Estado no deberá jamás sustituir la iniciativa ni la
responsabilidad de las personas y de los grupos.

En tal sentido, reafirmamos a la familia como institución primaria de la sociedad.
En ella, los seres humanos reciben el don de la vida y la formación que habrá de
capacitarlos para el ejercicio de su libertad y la contribución que harán a la justicia

Specific policies are thinner on the ground, and the party platform is not online.

Web-Design: 19 out of 20
Clean, clearly branded and functional

Contact information: 10 out of 10
Detailed, state by state contact information. Very detailed information on how to get in touch with specific party officials at all levels.

Local Goodness: 3 out of 10
Better at letting you know how to get in touch with the local party than at telling you what it’s doing.

The Verdict: 81 out of 100
The only Venezuelan party that really gets Web 2.0. An excellent web-page that, nonetheless, contains some serious gaps.

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