What part of "wiped off the map" don't you understand?

Quico says: When the historians of the future come to write the history of the Chávez era, no part of the whole dadaist zarzuela will strike them as quite so bizarre as the government’s relationship with PPT and the Communist Party.

The whole thing is psychiatric: Chávez has made it painfully, abundantly, explicitly, scatologically clear that he wants no part of PPT and PCV’s support…but they insist on backing him!

Over the weekend, Chávez went off on his nominal “allies” again…this time calling them lyin’, disloyal and manipulative and pledging to “wipe them off the political map for good.”

PPT’s answer? “We will patiently wait for the president to think again. We believe all forces are needed for the election.”

The commies’? “We’ve stood side by side with the revolutionary process for a decade, and we will keep at it, because this doesn’t depend on the president’s will, it depends on our members’ will.”

Is there no way to get these people to take a hint?!

I dunno about you, but I adore that cartoon!