The Great Venezuelan Electoral Data Dump of 2008

Quico says: This is something I’d been trying to get a hold of for a very long time: the parish-by-parish results of every major election and referendum since 1998, all in a single, tidy Excel spreadsheet!

Now, thanks to the gracious volunteer work of José Huerta (mayor hat tip!), we all get to play with it.

The spreadsheet includes fields for:

  • Registered Voters
  • Votes
  • Valid Votes
  • Null Votes
  • Votes for the government
  • Votes against the government


  • The 1998 Presidential Election
  • The 1999 Referendum to Ratify the Constitution
  • The 2000 Presidential Election
  • The 2004 Presidential Recall Referendum
  • The 2006 Presidential Election
  • The 2007 Constitutional Reform Referendum

Best of all, it’s all broken down by state, municipality and parish.

First person to unearth a counterintuitive pattern from these data wins a lollypop. Numberheads, knock yourselves out.