The Lee Atwater Awards: Valencia Edition

Quico says: Another bit of polling gossip: support for the incumbent, dissident chavista Governor of Carabobo, Luis Felipe Acosta Carlez (a.k.a., Cap’n Burp), has apparently completely collapsed in the wake of the arrest of his buddy, Valencia mayoral candidate Abdalá Makled.

Along with Chávez’s repeated visits, this is turning Carabobo into a two-horse race, with the chavista vote congealing around the execrable Chávez sycophant/attack dog Mario Silva. The three-way dynamic that had been such a boon to oppo candidate Henrique Salas Feo is no more, giving way to a still-unlikely-but-increasingly-imaginable upset by PSUV.

If the government pulls this off, whomever thought up the genius plan to set up Makled’s brother for drug trafficking just day’s before the election deserves the Lee Atwater Award for Machiavellianism and Dirty Trickery.

(Incidentally, chigüire is on fire this weekend.)