Tarek, Henry and The Cat

Quico says: Here’s some more Excel fun.

Last night, chavistas scored 710,336 more votes for governor than non-chavistas. Fully two-thirds of that lead came from just three states: Anzoátegui, Lara and Monagas, which Chavismo won by a combined margin of 470,715 votes.

What do the three have in common? Popular chavista governors who did not want Constitutional Reform. In fact, in last year’s Constitutional Reform Referendum, the pro-Government Sí side lost those three states by a combined margin of 8,148 votes.

What that means to you is that if those states had voted last night as they did a year ago, chavismo’s popular vote margin would’ve been 2.4%, rather than 7%.

For Chávez, it means something different. There are three simple reasons he can’t stand for re-election again in 2012: Tarek, Henry and The Cat.