Words, meet my stomach

Juan Cristobal says: – “Why no, officer, I have never had anything but complimentary things to say about Yon Goicoechea, student leader turned superstar turned member of Primero Justicia. After all, I belong to Primero Justicia and we’ve always been interested in Goicoechea joining us. It provides us a boost in the arm, raises our profile and helps send out the message to the younger generation that we are open to their ideas. Is there a bigger fish that an opposition party can aspire to?

What? My post tearing him down a little bit? Well, that was just a ploy to get him to join. Remember in high school when you acted aloof in front of the girl you were really interested in, just so she would notice you? Well, this was just the same. Tough love, if you will.

There really is no debate between the opposition at large and the political parties. After all, we’re on the same side – always have been, always will, right? Dígalo a, compañerito.