All Your CIA Fax Are Belong To Us!

Quico says: Folks, I’m afraid the gig is up. They found us out. Somehow, our secret plot with the gringos over the referendum got leaked to Aporrea. They have everything. Every detail on Plan Angostura, y’know, the one we hatched together with the CIA in Puerto Rico.They have the secret memo the CIA sent to Teodoro, they even know he bounced it on to Súmate.

This is awful, they have us by the balls!

They know that “this week we ended a series of meetings with elements of the opposite party, following our diplomatic delegation departure/removal.” They know that we only adopted the “No is No” slogan because “in the perception that these approaches are accepted it will be convenient to show them as a no partisan vision.”

They have the scoop on our “campaigning axles”, so they know that it’s the gringos who put us up to complaining about “the shortness of time for the audits and fraud threats”, and spreading the corruption accusations, “particularly the cases related with the familial environment,” as well as telling us to “point toward the food shortages as the best testimony of the fail down of the administration.”

Sorry folks, it was good while it lasted, but the gig is up: we’re busted.

Read the gory details here.