Elections have consequences

Juan Cristobal says: You know the old saying, “elections have consequences”?

Well, I think we need to put it in practice. What’s it going to be? Who lost this election? Who’s gonna take the fall for this one?

Omar Barboza (who, in case you didn’t know, was Blanca Ibañez’s handpicked governor of Zulia back in the 80s) – your time is up.

Julio Borges should step down from the helm of Primero Justicia.

Luis Ignacio Planas – Gracias por sus servicios…piiiiiiip!

Henry Ramos Allup – here’s your Witness Protection Program packet.

The students – back to your books.

Alberto Federico Ravell – how about focusing on telling the news as they are?

Maria Corina Machado – can’t Sumate be led by someone else?

Seriously people. What we have ahead is too crucial to be doing the same things and trying the same old message.

I’m not saying we need to reinvent the wheel. I’m not saying these people can’t play a public role – they can. I’m saying the opposition should introduce accountability.

Maybe that will help convince the voters that, indeed, we can be better than Chavez.