Chavista meritocrats

Juan Cristóbal says: – Sounds like a misnomer, right? But there they are, people in the oil industry who stuck it out, did not join the oil strike and now belong to the top echelons of chavista bureaucracy. Who are these people, anyway?

Well, here are a few. There they sit, on Citgo’s Board of Directors. Their CVs read like those of many other petro-bureaucrats: years spent working for la patria in places such as Veba Oel, Intevep, El Palito. How did they get here? I would love to know more.

Have any stories on Alejandro Granado, Frank Gygax, Eudomario Carruyo, Juan Carlos Boué, Asdrúbal Chávez? Send them my way. As public servants, they should be held accountable, and we deserve to know more about them.

Post 30 of 100 … someone brought a box of doughnuts for breakfast that is going to mean the death of me.