Juan Cristóbal says: – Today I read about two eye-popping trends. The first – McDonald’s is reporting that sales in Venezuela are increasing, despite the country’s dramatic shift to socialism and the evident slowdown in the economy. This is not surprising – the passion Venezuelans have for McD’s was the muse for one of my favorite posts. But it underscores the disconnect between the political discourse of those in power and people’s priorities on the street.

The other is not a trend, but a figure. The state-owned Industrial Bank of Venezuela lost US$ 185 million the last two years. That’s roughly $7.40 for every man, woman and child in Venezuela.

In a country where a significant portion of the population makes less than $2 per day, it’s simply unacceptable to ask them to sacrifice three days of work so the State can continue supporting the BIV and its employees. This is a point that needs to be hammered. People must open their eyes and realize that when the State gobbles up yet another bank, it’s el pueblo picking up the tab.

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