Caracas Chronicles - soon banned in Caracas?

Juan Cristóbal says:This story by Chris Kraul of the LA Times is remarkable in that it reports on the government’s intents to crack down not just regular media but also the Internet, including social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter and, if we manage to become relevant enough, this blog. Of course, his sources are opposition people Alfredo Keller and Marcelino Bisbal, so you have to take it with a grain of salt. Still, if there’s anything we’ve learned is that when the river makes a noise, a landslide is on its way. The money quote:

“Another proposal that critics say will limit freedom of expression is a law being pitched by Cabinet Minister Diosdado Cabello that would channel all Internet communication through servers controlled by the state telecommunications company, CANTV…Cabello has said the law would enable the government to suspend all telecommunications for security reasons in times of national emergency. But Bisbal and Keller believe it’s designed to control social-networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as rallying points for the opposition.”

Post 46 of 100 … Venezuelans are so addicted to Facebbok, they will surely revolt if it is shut down.