Bolívar = Stalin, and other pearls of wisdom from the sick minds still tending the rump Noticiero Digital

Quico says: Anybody remember Noticiero Digital? In its time, it was genuinely pathbreaking: the first site that made Venezuelans stop and realize they could get their news faster online than on traditional media. Then Frank de Prada sold the thing, made a bundle, ran off to do Noticias24 and all the traffic soon followed him, while Noticiero Digital slowly degenerated into, well, basically a space for this kind of lunatic rant:Yup. Those guys are convinced Chávez is subtly trying to persuade us Bolívar is just like Stalin. Totally insane? You betcha…but kind of entertaining too.

(I am unable to confirm, btw, rumors to the effect that the current owner of Noticiero Digital is married to one Miguel Henrique Otero.)

Post 99 out of 100. Dizzy!