Happy 226th Birthday, Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad!

Quico says: On big B’s birthday, I’ll share this bit from page 50 of John Lynch’s biography, where he describes Bolívar’s trip to London as, essentially, ambassador for the First Republic in the summer of 1810:

On occasions, from his rooms in Duke Street, Bolívar made his own way around London. He was thrown out of a brothel when one of the girls mistook him for a homosexual demanding services that were not on offer. When he tried to calm her with banknotes she threw them into the fire and raised the rest of the house: ‘Imagine the scene, I spoke no English and the prostitute no Spanish. She seemed to think that I was some Greek pederast and created a scandal that made me leave faster than I had entered.’

Is there another historical character who we’ve heard more about and know less about?

Post 90 of 100. What exactly did he ask that girl to do?!