Ten things we learned this week

Quico and Juan Cristóbal say: As we cross the proverbial finish line by posting our 100th post of the week, here are a few things we learned along the way.

1. Blogging this much is really, really hard. No, really.

2. It’s actually not that hard to find topics to blog about. The half-baked ideas and general nuttiness coming out of Caracas, Tegucigalpa and anywhere chavismo’s tentacles dare to reach simply boggles the mind. It’s figuring out what to say about this stuff that’s hard.

3. One US dollar will buy you about 18 lempiras.

4. While the comments section suffered a bit, we felt the quality of the comments was much higher.

5. Juan Cristóbal does better with high frequency blogging than Quico. Juan had a ball this week, Quico almost went bald…

6. In Honduras, the money is called “Lempiras”.

7. Our readers are the best. Quico’s inbox is bursting with views from y’all’s windows. (We’ll get to them little by little!) We were afraid we might lose readers due to the overwhelming pace, but readership is up 18% this week. Thanks!

8. The quality of the posts was somewhat lower, for obvious reasons. But we also felt weirdly liberated. All that pressure to post ends up leading to cathartically devil-may-care writing!

9. That girl in the bikini is smokin’.

10. It’s just like Mel Zelaya to finally set foot back inside Honduras right as we finish the marathon…prick!

Have a good weekend everyone. It’s less to a saner schedule for us from Monday.

Post 100 of 100. And they said it couldn’t be done!