The Original and The Best

Quico says: Credit where credit is due: in the overcrowded field of snivelling pro-Chávez sycophants and propagandists, nobody does it better than Mark Weisbrot. His LA Times OpEd today finds Herr Whitebread in fine form, with one of those finely-honed, long-rehearsed, the-media-and-the-establishment-are-lying-to-you rants certain to make respectable white West Coast liberals rally to his cause. Not for Weisbrot the maximalist polemical style of, say, Green Left Weekly: I’m sure that’s how he thinks, but he’s too savvy, too aware of the way traditional leftist discourses would turn off his target audience to go down such an rhetorical dead end. By the time you’re through reading this stuff, you’ll swear Mel Zelaya is a monaguillo, Hillary Clinton is Rumsfeld in drag, and we have always been at war with East Asia…he’s just that good.

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