Coming Out FARC

Quico says: Last week’s revelation that high tech Swedish anti-tank missiles have been seeping across the border from the Venezuelan military into FARC’s hands reminded me of nothing so much as Ellen’s much hyped-up coming out in 1997: it’s not that it was actually a surprise, it’s not as though we didn’t all know. It’s just that, now, it’s official: Venezuela arms FARC.

We have the serial numbers.

The rocket-launchers’ Swedish manufacturer confirms the match. We have the emails detailing the entire handover process culled from Raul Reyes’s laptop – y’know, the one I’m talking about: the one that Marulanda, in Mono Jojoy’s voice, certified as real. We even – deliciously – have Venezuelan General Clíver Alcalá pushing FARC to grab more bazookas than they’d originally agreed.

Maduro’s bizarre non-sequitur of an undenial – “these stories are part of a brutal campaign against Venezuela” – smack of the utter loss for words of someone just plain caught with pants in ankle position. No seas comemierda, Nicolás. We have the serial numbers.

Update: Actually, Bill Cosby cracked Madurothink years ago… “I was gettin’ a bazooka for you!”